1. No book or library material may be brought out of the LIC until the Check-out has been processed.
  2. Library users are responsible for the safekeeping and return of library materials issued in their name.
  3. Library materials shall be returned on or before the due date or earlier if the borrower is notified that an item is required by another user.
  4. Delinquent borrowers are not allowed to borrow any library material unless all library accounts are settled.
  5. Official time for determining fines on overdue books and for other purposes will be read according to the time determined in the computer system at the LIC. Should the system be down, the correct time will be determined by the library staff at the Circulation Desk.
  6. Payments for overdue fines and lost library materials should be made at the Cashier’s Office. Receipt for any payment made must be presented to the Circulation Librarian where the book was borrowed.
  7. Regular courtesy notices and overdue notices are sent as a reminder only and library will not be responsible for non-delivery under whatever circumstances.
  8. Failure to receive any notice sent does not relieve a borrower from their responsibility to return library materials by the date due.
  9. Unauthorized removal of the library materials is regarded as a very serious offense.



1.) Undergraduate Students
a. Circulation3 books2 daysP25/day/item
b. Reserve1 bookovernightP25/day/item
c. Fiction3 books5 daysP25/day/item
2.) Graduate School Students
a. Circulation3 books1 weekP25/day/item
b. Reserve1 bookovernightP25/day/item
3.) Faculty and Staff
a. Circulation5 books1 weekP25/day/item
b. Reserve1 bookovernightP25/day/item
c. A-V materials1 CD1 dayP25/day/item
d. Fiction5 books1 weekP25/day/item
c. General Reference Materials1 item1 dayP25/day/item



  1. It is a serious offense to mutilate, damage, misplace or refuse to return library material. Underlining, marking, folding of pages in the book, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  2. A lost or damaged book must be reported at once to the Circulation librarian or other librarian on duty to avoid accumulation of fines. Replacement with the same title or another related title subject to the approval of the Director of LIC or undertake to pay the current market price of the latest edition of the lost item plus a processing fee of PhP200.00 and the accrued fines if there is any.
  3. Failure to replace or pay lost or damaged book within the allowed period means suspension of borrowing privileges.
  4. Any attempt to steal library properties is a serious offense and will result in disciplinary procedures and other appropriate actions.



    Advanced booking is necessary to use the AVR. Service Request/Reservation Slip on the use of the LIC-AVR/Multimedia & Preview Rooms must be submitted three (3) days before the date of use.
  1. Borrowers of AV/Multimedia materials like VHS,VCD,DVD, CD-ROMS, and other media equipment should take full responsibility for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly from the use of such materials.  These are for LIC and classroom use within the campus only.
  2. Users are not permitted to use the computers and multimedia equipment for unauthorized purposes or non-academic related activities. Any attempt to mutilate, damage or steal will result in disciplinary action.
  3. Students may use Audiovisual Room only with recommendation from, or accompanied by faculty and LIC Staff.
  4. Notice of cancellation or rescheduling shall be given immediately to the Multimedia Librarian.



  1. The internet shall be used only for research and the acquisition of information to address their educational, vocational and cultural needs.
  2. Users are allowed to surf/browse for one (1) hour per day only as to accommodate other users.
  3. Users are not allowed to install or uninstall any programs in the computer.
  4. Misuse of LIC computers shall result to the loss of privileges.



  1. Discussion Rooms (DR) are provided for the group of 3-10 students who may study and discuss their project, research paper, problem solving, feasibility studies, and other related topics.
  2. Reservation forms can be filled-out at the information desk two (2) hours before use and should be approved by the LIC Head. Use of Discussion Rooms is in hourly basis only.
  3. Users are required to log their names in the Discussion Room Logbook and deposit their student IDs to the Staff-In-Charge.
  4. Users are enjoined to observe cleanliness and orderliness and refrain from loud or disruptive behavior when using these rooms.
  5. Eating and drinking beverages are strictly prohibited.
  6. Users are subject to all LIC policies, rules and regulations.
  7. The LIC retains the right to monitor all activities conducted in the Discussion Room at all times.



  1. Loud conversations are not allowed.
  2. Food and drinks, with the exception of bottled water and drinks, may not be consumed in the LIC.
  3. Indecent behavior and sleeping in the LIC are strictly prohibited.
  4. Users are not permitted to make or take telephone calls within the LIC. Mobile phones shall be switched to silent mode while inside the LIC premises
  5. Moving library furniture from its designated place is strictly prohibited.
  6. Plate making, scrapbook making, charging of laptop other than designated area/cell phones, littering, loitering, watching movies and games are strictly prohibited.
  7. Proper decorum should be observed while inside the LIC premises.



  1. The LIC is under camera surveillance.
  2. Do not leave your possessions unattended at any time.
  3. The LIC will not be held liable for lost and/or the safety of any personal property left within the Center. Unclaimed and lost property found are to be handed over to the Supervisor of the Readers’ Services.
  4. Readers leaving the library are required to present their things for inspection to the security guard on duty.
  5. Behavior or actions which interfere with the use of the Center by other patrons are forbidden and will be reported to the Security Office and disciplinary action may be taken.



  1. The Center is open to the users from other schools/institutions provided:
    • they have to observe the schedule in accommodating visitors:

Graduate School Library – during weekdays (M-F) only

Undergraduate Library – during Saturdays (Mabini Campus)

  •  they must present a referral letter from their Head Librarian and current

company/institutions ID; and

  • Visitors may use the Mabini LIC during Saturdays only;
  • pay corresponding charges listed below as access fee per person per visit.

Nature of TransactionsReferencesAmount
Inter-Library Use/Referral




Lost Borrowers Card (LBC)OPM16.04Php5.00
Lost Depository Card (LDC)OPM16.12Php100.00
Lost Library Materials (LLM)
Overdue Fines   (OF)OPM16.05Php10.00/book/day
Printing  (P)OPM16.08Php3.00/page
Processing Fee of Replacement

of Lost Book (PFR)

Use of Library Facilities  from

other schools:

As per policy
   High School Student   (R-HSS)Php50.00/day/person
   College Student          (R-CS)Php100.00/day/person
   Graduate Student      (R-GS)Php150.00/day/person
Researchers from other agency-

Professional (R-OAP)

Unclaimed Deposits (UD)OPM16.12Php 100.00


  1. DACUN and PLAI-DRLC member institutions are not subject to access fee, PROVIDED, they have to observe the above-mentioned policies 1.1 and 1.2
  2. As a general rule, all LIC materials are for room use only.
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