Technical Services

  • Library operations concerned with the acquisition, organization and maintenance of the library collection.

1.1 Acquisition

  • Handles the development of print and non-print collection of the LIC by selection, ordering and purchasing of library materials in cooperation with the faculty and staff of the university.

1.1.1 Online Book Requisition

The faculty can use the online book order form to recommend/purchase of books and other resources relevant to their program. The form can be accessed through this link (

1.2 Cataloging

  • Centralized system that takes care of the organization of library materials through bibliographic description, classification and mechanical processing of library materials to facilitate access to all materials that the library holds and acquires.
  • Responsible in the maintenance of the OPAC, Destiny database, shelf-list, and union catalog of the LIC.

1.3 Preservation and Conservation

  • Handles the maintenance of library materials through mending and repair.
  • Preservation includes all activities associated with the maintenance of resources and preservation of information content.
  • Conservation refers to the treatment of the physical items themselves in order to extend their usable life through binding and repair.

1.3.1 Book Quarantine

All returned materials and received packages shall be quarantined in a designated area for a period of 5 days.

1.4 Abstracting and Indexing Service

  • Organizes information to make it more readily available and easily retrievable to users through abstracts and indexes.
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