Vision, Mission and Objectives of LIC


The University of Mindanao – Learning and Information Center (UM-LIC) envisions as a premier center in the provision of instructional materials, research collections, outreach efforts and information services using the best technology available.



As hub of intellectual inquiry provides resources and venue for creative dialogue, research, interdisciplinary pursuits and cultural activities that support scholarly endeavors of leaders in the society.



  1. Acquire and organize library materials, equipment and facilities to support teaching and research in the evolving subject areas of the curriculum;


  1. Enhance the information literacy of the library patron to ensure greater access and utilization of the resources;


  1. Conduct research activities that generate findings for the continuous reinvention of service excellence and respond creatively to the changing expectations and needs of the academe;


  1. Engage in staff development activities that will enable library staff to continuously improve services in an ever-changing information environment;


  1. Collaborate with libraries and other educational institutions outside of UM to strengthen resources and services available to students, faculty and staff;


  1. Develop library programs that uplift literacy and build learners reading culture in the community; and


  1. Organize literatures on Mindanao and the institution’s publications, memorabilia, artifacts, etc. for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage reading materials.

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